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Product comparison

This is a small summary of differences between PioSOLVER versions:

PioSOLVER free is a version of PioSolver for evaluation purposes. It's completely free and has performance of a pro version but allows to solve only two example flops, which can let you play with almost full set of features, evaluate performance before deciding to buy the commercial version.

PioSOLVER pro is our flagship product. It uses up to 16 threads (logical CPUs). It includes multiple features as Job Queue (queueing trees to be solved when the user is away from the computer), built-in Trainer and many analysis features.

PioSOLVER edge offers all of Pro features plus a preflop solver which requires very powerful hardware to run (at least 64GB of RAM and a fast modern CPU).

  • It can be moved from one computer to another without any limits.
  • It's significantly faster on high end work station CPUs due to support for 64 cores and includes custom compiles for different CPU architectures, which can give additional 5-10% speedup compared to the pro version.

Only edge can be moved between computers without limits. You can move pro licences within reasonable limits for purposes like new/broken computers, but they are not intended as floating licenses (that is moved on regular basis)