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Quick Start Guide

Download the installer

Solving and browsing

Here is how to start solving and browsing, there are explanatory GIFs to walk you through some parts.

You can also check our QUICK START VIDEO which goes over basic functionality of the program.

Get the free version

  1. Download the installer
  2. Select PioSolver Free version and download / install.

Get the commercial version

  1. Download our installer
  2. Select your version - PioSolver 3 pro or edge (click Menu -> Show Old Products if you have PioSolver 1 or 2), enter your licence code and download / install.
  3. Now start PioViewer.exe and follow the instructions.
  4. Go to Tree building and calculation tab. Choose one of our sample configurations (you can create your own but this is a quick start guide). Click "Build tree", when "Build tree OK!" appears on the right click "Go". Wait for desired accuracy (the messages will appear about once every minute for flop spots and every few seconds for turn/river). When satisfied click "Stop".
  5. Browse the tree: go to the Browser tab. Tree view on the top is for navigating the tree. Buttons on the right are for choosing what info is displayed (EV's, strategies, ranges, etc.). Here is a short video going through some basic options:


  1. If the viewer has problems connecting to the solver try running the solver itself first (double click on PioSOLVER-version.exe), then uncheck "always ask when running this application" checkbox on a Windows pop-up. Then close the solver and try PioViewer again.
  2. If it still doesn't work try disabling firewall/anti-virus and see if they cause the problem. If yes, look for filters/exceptions there.
  3. If the viewer doesn't start at all, please download the newest Net Framework from Microsoft HERE.

Few things worth keeping in mind

  • You can save the tree and come back to it later. You can also resume solving if you decide you want better accuracy (just load the tree, go to Tree building and calculation and click Go). Saving will take several seconds unless you have a very fast SSD. If you decide to make a small save, the option to resume solving is gone . (they are very good for storage/browsing later though).
  • You can also save ranges and tree configurations. You can organize them in folders and easily share with other users. We use the file system for storing those so if there is something you can't do from GUI just go to Ranges or TreeBuilding folders and remove/organize/add configuration files.
  • If you would have any questions about how to do something, it's best to ask in the community discord server.

Getting Help

We have a FAQ and some videos.

Community help?

We have an active community on discord where users can ask questions and discuss hardware suggestions and tree solutions. Use the link to join:

It is a good place to get quick help and exchange experiences with other Pio users. The server is frequently visited by the devs, and this is also where bugs and issues are discussed, so keep an eye out here.

In the past the support was handled via our 2p2 thread. This is not the case anymore, but it could be interesting if you want to dig into the history of piosolver:

Other channels

Due to the small size of our team we recommend you first seek help via google, available online materials and the community.

If your question can't be answered by the above then please write to the official support ([email protected]).

License issues

If you need to recover your key or reset it please follow the instructions here:

Information about new releases/bugfixes:

We announce new releases and bugfixes on our Discord server (#announcements). Major releases are announced on our development blog.

Contact via email

If you have problems with your payment, license or other issue not suitable for public discussion please email us at [email protected] Please only use email in cases mentioned. You will get an automatic generic reply directing you to community support channels otherwise.