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Licence Upgrades

What is an upgrade?

Upgrade is a purchase of one licence if you already have an existing licence.

For example we offer upgrades from PioSolver version 2 -> 3 or upgrade from PioSolver 3 Pro -> PioSolver 3 Edge.

If you purchase an upgrade your old licence key will be deleted and new licence key will be providede

What is support extension?

When you purchase support extension you purchase the right to download newest updates for your existing licence. In this case you are still using the old licence and don't need a new licence key.

When upgrading from piosolver 2 to piosolver 3 will I still be able to use piosolver 2?

Yes. With PioSolver 3 licence you can use both PioSolver 2 and PioSolver 3 (we are shipping the last stable version of PioSolver 2 within PioSolver 3 installation).

I have few pio 2 edge activitions. Will that be gone if I upgrade?

After purchasing an upgrade you will keep the same number of activations as before the upgrade. We will create a new licence with some activations and we will reduce the number of activations on old licence by the same number (or delete a licence if the number goes to 0).

In PioSolver 3 by default the licence has 1 activation but you can also purchase or upgrade to a licence with more actiations.

When upgrading to 3.0 you have a choice of how many activations you want to Upgrade.

If your PioSolver 2.0 had 2 activations you can choose to upgrade only one of them.

In this case we will create a new PioSolver 3.0 key with one activation and reduce the number of activations in your PioSolver 2.0 by one.

Is there a way to try pio 3 edge before upgrading/purchasing?

We have a free version that allows you to experiment with some of the features, but we don't offer trials of the full version.