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Common PioViewer Issues

Aggregation Report: Why everything is squeezed in one column in Excel?

When importing file into Excel or other spreadsheet tool you should have an option to set column separator and for .csv files it should be a comma. Some tools don’t import .csv files properly by default and you might have to search for some import options to set comma as a column separator.

In Excel you can do this: Mark Column A go to Data -> Text in Columns and then choose Comma as a separator

Aggregation Report: What are flop weights used for in aggregation report?

They are used to calculate weighted averages over all flops in the subset.

I.e Let’s say you have scripted all strategically different 1755 flops to calculate average flop donk %. You can’t take simple average over all flops, but you have to include more frequent flops (like AKQ rainbow) with higher weight than less frequent flops (like 222). Similarly if you have made a script with a weighted subset of flops those weights are used to calculate average frequencies and EV over all flops.