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License Management

What does "activation" mean?

One activation means you can use the software on one computer. It doesn't mean that you can only activate it once. If you lose access to the software for whatever reason (hardware crash, stolen computer, etc) it's always possible to recover it.

Can I move Pio from computer to computer?

While our licenses are in principle per computer we allow moving them within reasonable limits for purposes like new/broken computers, long travelling and some experimentation. The edge license can be moved around without any limits. If you need to reset your license please follow the instructions here: Pio licenses

The link to the installer is there as well.

Can I run Pio on a cloud instance?

Only the edge version and only as long as you can properly activate / deactivate the licence every time you stop using the machine.

As cloud providers change the hardware on a regular basis it won't work long term as you can get locked out of your licence (we can help you recover your licence if that happens, but it can't occur frequently).

Dedicated servers are a better (and cheaper if you run it a lot) solution.

How do I reset my license?

If you need to reset the license please follow the instructions on this page:

The link to the installer is there as well.

Can I re-sell my license?

We don't support it. There are four reasons for that:

  1. Along with purchasing the software you get support from our team. Providing support is based on the idea of average usage time (some people need none, some need more). That means that we can't provide support to people who would buy a re-sold license as then the cost would be much greater.
  2. Our software is fundamentally per computer. We allow moving it for purposes like new computers/long travelling etc. but those are exceptions for the benefit of our users.
  3. There are many scam attempts based on re-selling Pio keys. Things that have happened in the past include: buying a key for someone and then requesting a refund or hitting us with a chargeback; selling invalid Pio keys; selling the same key to several different people. There are other creative scams as well, which we are not going to describe. We don't facilitate reselling and we will always warn about possible scams. That being said there is nothing we can (or want) to do if you re-sell your license and someone else starts using it. We don't police on what computers Pio is run, it's just from our point of view the contract for support/license related request is still bound to the original buyer and the original buyer is always entitled to key recovery.
  4. Laws: if our original customer requests access to their license we have to grant it. We don't have a way to prove the license was sold. We are neither allowed by law nor have resources to collect/verify/police private deals outside of our control. The license belongs to the original buyer.

I just bought a license, where is it?

Please allow up to 24 hours for the license to be sent to your email by our servers. Also, check your spam folders as our mail is sometimes incorrectly marked as spam. If your license has been marked as spam, please mark it as not spam to improve communication in the future.

I just bought a license, why isnt it working?

After purchasing a license it can take up to 24 hours to receive the license key from us and for activation to work. If you have recently bought a license and are having difficulties activating, please wait until after the 24 hour grace period before contacting support as the issue may resolve itself by then.

Here are some common things to check when the solver can't verify your license.

  1. Make sure there are no 3rd part antiviruses or firewalls blocking Pio.
  2. Check that you can reach (our licensing server) as it may be blocked on your network or in your country. You can use a browser or ping it directly from command line.
  3. Navigate to the TurboActivate folder in your Pio folder and run the .exe from there.
  4. Follow the instructions to insert your key.

I got an error when activating my key, why?

When activating the license is not successful, you will get an error code with a short description. Below are the common error codes and ways of deaing with them:

  1. ERROR CODE 1 (probably wrong key): Your key is most likely incorrect or you are trying to activate a different version of the software. -Check that you have chosen correct version of the program in the installer -Check that you are using a correct key; some email clients have a tendency to insert random spaces/other characters inside of the key -If the above fails please go to TurboActivate folder in your Pio folder and run the .exe there, it usually solves the problem or gives a better error message

  2. ERROR CODE 13 (The activation has expired or the system time has been tampered with) Please do the following: -Verify that time/date/timezone are set correctly for the location of your computer -Perform full system restart (not sleep/wake up cycle)

  3. ERROR CODE 28 (TA_E_ENABLE_NETWORK_ADAPTERS) This is a rare error which is sometimes difficult to solve. The problem is that our licensing system can't generate hardware fingerprint due to Windows malfunctioning. You can try the following: 1) VERY IMPORTANT: make sure Windows is up to date and all recent updates are installed 2)Run the installer as administrator 3)Go to device manager and look at network adapters, see if there is anything malfunctioning or inactive. If there is something inactive, please enable or uninstall it. 4)Make sure no 3rd party antivirus is running as they are known to mess up with OS configuration, never disable Windows Defender though. 5)Restarting the computer might be needed after the above steps are taken

Always ensure that you have double checked the Updater for any updates to make sure your software is up to date. Also make sure that your date and timezone are set correctly and perform a restart afterwards.