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Common errors and error messages

Licence check failed when starting up PioViewer

This error most often occurs when PioViewer is run from a directory that is missing necessary files. It can for example in case you have moved pioViewer file out of pioSolver directory (e.g. you wanted to make shortcut on the desktop but copied the file instead).

Server Error: can't do that on incomplete tree

Example error message might be the following:

  • Server Error: ERROR: go can't do that on incomplete tree
  • Server Error: ERROR: lock_node can't do that on incomplete tree
  • Server Error: ERROR: round_up_to can't do that on incomplete tree

In PioSOLVER incomplete trees are those which have been stripped of information about one or more last streets (e.g. tree without rivers, or turns and rivers). The advantage of such trees is that they are way smaller when saved. Disadvantage is that the strategy on those trees cannot be modified anymore.

The reason for this is that incomplete trees cache EV information in places where cut streets would happen. When particular runouts are requested they are being recalculated on the fly. If the strategy on earlier round would be changed it would require a recalculation of all affected parts of the tree - including those removed from the tree. As most of the work solver performs is on the rivers it would be as expensive as building and solving the tree from scratch.

There are some operations which require recalculation of EV on a full tree, and these operations are not permitted on incomplete trees (small trees without rivers, turns or flops). An example of such operations are

  • “Go” (calculating solution - which is a full tree operation),
  • “Round strategies”, “Lock Strategy” - change of strategy changes the EV’s which cannot be recalculated if there is part of the tree missing

Server Error: Can't do that when solver is running

  • Server Error: ERROR: calc_ev Can't do that when solver is running

It means that the operation you are trying to execute cannot be executed while calculation is running. Stop solver or wait until it completes to do what you want.

Solver Error: Browsing postflop part of a preflop tree is not available when solver is running.

Currently it's not possible to view tree, ranges and strategy of a postlop part of a preflop tree when the solver is running. To view the postflop part of solution it's necessary to stop the calculation first.

Failed to load file. File doesn’t exist or isn’t a valid save.

This error can happen in few cases:

  • You are trying to load a file from a newer version of PioSolver (e.g. when someone shared a file with you) in an older version of PioSolver. In this case you should update your PioSolver.

  • You are trying to load a file that isn't pioSolver save file but comes from some other program (e.g. jesolver). In this case please make sure to use jesolver to open jesolver files and PioSolver to open PioSolver files.

Starting ranges are not symmetric, tree will be bigger and take longer

This warning occurs when specified ranges on the flop contain different weights for the strtegically identical combo on the flop. So for example QsQh:1, QdQc:0, QhQd:0.5. In this case solver cannot use some optimizations and therefore will use more time and memory to calculate.