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Can I get a special discount because of XYZ?

You can't (unless you are buying a lot of licenses). We feel it's unfair to only give discounts to people who ask for them and charge other customers the full price. If we think it's a good idea to discount the prices we will lower them for everyone.

Do you have an affiliate program?

We don't and it's unlikely to change in foreseeable future. Main reasons:

  • accounting/organizational overhead
  • our belief that affiliate programs remove incentives for honest reviews

We might be willing to pay for/give free copies for reviews/educational material etc. Feel free to contact us about it. We will not make any deal that provide incentives for a positive/good review as we want our customers get honest opinions about Pio. Not a single review/video posted about Pio by 3rd parties is paid for. We want to keep it this way.

Is it possible to work with you?

We are happy to make the following deals:

  • If you are a content maker with some following we may send you a free license in exchange for an honest look at the software and mentioning it/making a review if you like it. The expectactions end there. We won't send more licenses in exchange for more reviews, nor we will pressure you to publish anything.
  • Bulk purchases: If you are buying a lot of licensing we will give you a discount.
  • Incorporating new formats/feautes in Pio: if you would like to make your software compatible with ours (by implementing import/export of common format etc.) you are very welcome to talk to us about it.

Currently we are not making any kind of affiliate/resale deals.

I want you to buy advertising, who should I contact?

Please don't contact us if you are selling any of the following:

  • Advertising
  • Web analytics
  • SEO services
  • Website "optimization"

If we need any of the above we will look for it ourselves.

I have a business offer which isn't about affiliates/advertising who should I contact and how should I proceed?

  • [email protected]
  • punter11235#1235 on Discord
  • Tell us who you are, outline what you want us to do and what you can offer in return

I would like to build a Web application using PioSolver behind the scenes.

As we are experiencing increasing number of inquires about Pio for business we started developing license suitable for the purpose. As of right now it's geared towards high volume customers. The current offering is as follows:

5000$/month - license for 100 computers

The business license comes with the following:

  • Linux version of the engine (so you don't need to pay for Windows license when running calculations)
  • License that allows using Pio for computing on the fly, selling API access, developing cloud offerings or other business purposes (with the exception of re-selling binaries and license keys you get from us to other parties)
  • Possible custom modifications of the solver (that requires additional fee unless it's very simple).
  • Those are floating liceness (can be moverd from computer to computer)