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We're pleased to announce the release of 3.0 PioSolver.

It brings a lot of changes. Most notably, there are new features, a new sales model without Basic version, and a shift in priorities.

New features

The most notable new features are:

  • Fast Loads - with PioSolver 3.0 new saves can be loaded in fast mode. It means that the solver will only read data from the disk on an as needed basis, which will hugely reduce the loading time - especially of the full saves
  • Incentives - the easy and powerful way to do player profiling
  • Filters in GTO trainer
  • HH exporter - the feature to let the solver play against itself and generate hand histories in a format that you can import into your preferred database

No PioSolver Basic

From version 3.0, we will be shipping only the Pro and Edge versions of PioSolver, and each will include only one activation.

The prices of the licence will be $249 for each Pro activation and $549 for each Edge activation.

We decided to modify the pricing model to be one activation per license by default, but for roughly half the price. Users that require more activations can still purchase them, and a two-activation license remains the same price as before.

With the new pricing model, we determined that there is no need for the for the basic tier anymore, and have decided to drop it.

New sales model

We have a new sales model. Customers of Pro and Edge licence will have a life-time access to a purchased version, but the future updates will require purchasing a support extension. At the moment of purchase you'll get one year of updates included.

The idea behind this model is that it encourages us to ship new features as soon as we build them without bundeling a lot of features for the next major version and still having a way for people to support us with recurring payments for updates if they like continuous development.

Discounts / upgrading from 2.0

The users who already own the PioSolver 2.0 licence will be eligible to upgrade to 3.0 by purchasing an update extension for a year (which costs 50% of the licence cost per year).

The licences purchased the past year can be upgraded to 3.0 for no cost for one year since the original purchase, and their update expire date will be set to 1 year from the date of original purchase.

New priorities

Having a small team with limited resources we tried to work on the improvements to the program, the algorithm as well as doing research and trying to build a muti-way solver, PLO solver etc. We made some progress in those areas but nowhere near to something of the quality we would like to make public.

From now on our major focus will be on improving the experience of our main product - PioSolver. So from now on you can expect much more frequent updates to the PioViewer and PioSolver with bugfixes, tiny usability improvements in the most used parts etc.


Interested in a new PioSolver 3.0 license or upgrading from 2.0? You can purchase Pro and Edge from our store.