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We are happy to announce PioSOLVER 2.0!

This is our first major version upgrade and it's a big one. There are many new features and improvements. Some of them are:

  • Big performance improvements, the solver is 2x faster on average and even up to 5x faster on some trees using new algorithm (especially simple trees)
  • GTO trainer
  • Job queue (much more convenient way to schedule tasks)
  • Redesigned and much easier to use node-locking interface
  • New tree-browsing features like Strategy+React, Hotness for one combo, Strategy Distribution Map
  • A lot of improvements for configuring the behavior of the solver and displayed information

You can get more details about the release watching our release video:

PioSOLVER 2.0 is an optional paid upgrade. The way it works:

  • If you decide not to upgrade your 1.10 license will continue to work indefinitely.
  • The upgrade is free for licenses issued on January 15th or later.
  • The upgrade costs 50% of the price for licenses issued on July 1st 2020 or later.
  • The upgrade costs 70% of the price for licenses issued before July 1st 2020.
  • Discounted upgrade can be claimed till December 31th 2021.
  • The cost of 2.0 version for new customers is the same as the old one
  • To find out which upgrade your license is eligible for please visit: and insert your license key.

As this is a big release with many new features and changes it's expected some bugs and problems are going to surface even though this version has been tested thoroughly. To mitigate potential problems your 1.10 license will continue to work for some time along with 2.0 after the upgrade for a month or two.

We welcome all the feedback and feature suggestions. There are many ideas to improve the software. We prefer to get some feedback from our users first to help us focus on the most important parts.